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Want to leave your 9 - 5? It requires one thing…a willingness to roll up your sleeves and 100% commit! If you want to grow your own business, leave your 9-5 job and start hitting income levels that are beyond your realm of thinking….stop doing what everyone else is doing and start working for yourself today!

All About Me


Here’s the process!!!

One... Have a passion for what you do, Belief in what you’re selling and who you are selling it to. Sometimes you find yourself so passionate about what you sell but you can’t clearly define WHY it’s a no brainer for your buyers to stop what they are doing and buy it now. Dissect what you sell so you can clearly share the problems you solve with your audience. Dissect Paparazzis mission statement.

Two... Know and find your audience. This requires research and design thinking that pairs well with gaining awareness of how you can stand out. Knowing who your audience is AND knowing how they tick.

Three... Build your weekly sales plan, having a formal sales process.  What are the income producing activities that you are doing every week to directly sell to your audience? This requires knowing what the right activities are that work for your revenue model and industry.

Four... Master the art of the discovery call. Selling via content, dm, social media will happen one day but if you want to hit your income goals TODAY you must learn the skill of profiling your buyer.


Five... Overcome your barrier…which 99% of the time is you. Inventory what is standing in the way from you living your purpose and creating your highest earning potential.

When we put pen to paper and share it with someone we trust we become self aware, have freedom and can tap into the required mindset shift that is ever evolving and changing. Now IS you time to change the game.


Your leader, Haley Fox

Start the path to wealth today.
Join my Team!

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