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The Best Earrings to Wear for your Face Shape

Everyone has heard that hair cuts suit certain face shapes, Even how you style it. I am sure you have played with your hair in the mirror for hours because it just won't lay right. The same also goes for jewelry in general, but especially for earrings.

I am super picky when it comes to jewelry as certain jewelry makes my face look fat, while others make it look skinny. Also how long or short they are and I love the bling even in jeans, who is with me on that one?

Of course it goes without saying that all face shapes are gorgeous, but just like how I like to experiment with clothes to see what looks best on my body. the same can be said for playing around with jewelery in order to figure out what styles balance & highlight my face in a way that I Love.

So Here is My guide for buying the perfect earrings for your Beautiful face shape...


Anyone with a round shaped face, long is your friend. You want to focus on bringing length to your facial silhouette, instead of making it look wider.

To achieve this, the best thing to do is always avoid rounded earrings. Instead find long dangling Earrings. They can be round, Chandelier or even straight. This will give a great illusion of a longer face, making you look leaner and thinner. ion of extra length.

Finding those kinds of earrings is easy, just look for anything that is longer then the normal style, stay away from posts or small tiny earrings and focus truly on the length.

2: Square Shaped Face

Women with Square Shaped faces tend to have beautiful curves and strong jawlines.

Jewelry comes in to help you flatter and soften up those defined lines in your face.

Our goal is to flatter and soften your facial structure, with rounded, curved and flowing shapes and styles, but nothing to crazy or with to many angles as it will actually point out all the angles on your face instead of soften them out.

Aim for Long Round or Flattering solid Earrings.


For women with a wider forehead and a more of a heart-shaped face - drawn in cheeks and a narrow chin, can be easy to balancing out the jawline with earrings that are wider at the bottom, this creates a super flattering look.

A Wide-based styles like a large teardrops design will flatter the face and balance proportions perfectly.

You can play with shapes, but the point is to bring balance, by balancing out the face and jawline with a flattering style, stay in the triangle, teardrop looks and you will find it way more appealing for your facial silhouette.

4: Oval Shaped Face

Women with an oval face is the easiest to dress, like myself. I can wear just about every single style of earring and it is flattering.

The only thing I avoid is anything to long as it will actually make my face look way to long instead of accenting it.

My Favorite to wear are Hoops, Chandeliers and Teardrops, they soften the edges and make my face look thinner, at least that is what I see.


Women with a diamond shaped face have a forehead that mirrors the chin and their eyes are the widest part of the face are some of the most beautiful women in the world. This facial shape can make balancing out tricky for earrings.

But, wearing a classic stud, brings everything in closer to the ear and it shapes out super well. But, my favorite are the chandelier earrings, the ones that are wider at the bottom, as they truly flatter the face nicely. That is one reason that long hair on this face style accents it so well.